The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust (WHGT) is a national organisation campaigning to save historic gardens and parks from neglect, indifference, insensitive planning and planting for future generations.

Wales has many outstanding parks and gardens. However, some remain neglected or unrecognized, yet they are as much part of the Welsh heritage as the buildings or towns they were designed to complement.

The WHGT aims to conserve, protect and raise awareness of the heritage landscape and to promote the richness and cultural importance of these sites.

Trust members enjoy a varied and exciting programme of events, including:

  • Garden visits
  • Lectures and  Study Days
  • Garden surveys
  • Practical conservation work
  • Researching the history of local gardens
  • Monitoring planning applications
  • Fund raising & publicity
  • Spreading awareness of the garden heritage of Wales

 Please join if you are interested in the garden heritage and parkland of Wales.


The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust (WHGT) is a Conservation and Heritage Organization set up to protect and conserve  historic garden and park landscapes of Wales. 

WHGT aims to:

  • Raise the profile of parks and garden heritage in Wales which make such a rich and varied contribution to our landscape.
  • Promote interest and enjoyment in the beauty and diversity of Welsh parks and gardens including the famous and less well known, large and small, formal and picturesque, to the widest audience possible to ensure their survival for future generations.
  • Promote the restoration and conservation of threatened parks and gardens which are of special historic interest in Wales.
  • Research and document the garden history of Wales, an important element of the historic and cultural identity of the Nation.
Besides the registered sites there are many more which are of local historical importance or whose history is not yet documented. The Trust promotes the enjoyment and understanding of all these landscapes through its program of visits, lectures and research activities.